Hi! I’m Pipeline’s Sparkplug *Ennobled,* aka “Sparky.” The kids I have been bragging about the past several years – won enough ABGA points to *Ennoble* me as of October 2006, making me the first guy on the block to achieve ennoblement status strictly by kids born and raised in the Northeast. This is a pretty big deal, considering that I breed no more than 15 does per year by natural breeding only. No flushes, no artificial insemination, just plain old one-on-one service. Furthermore, my kids have been shown only in a limited number of shows in the Northeast. My favorite daughter, Hill Place Lady Essence, under 18 months of age, garnered 65 points in just five shows competing against more than 360 fullblood does. Her picture both as an adult and a kid are below. My mom and dad were Pipeline *Ennobled* and Dello *Ennobled*, both of whom were ABGA National Champions. My kids have bloodlines that won’t quit – there are 10 ennobled animals in my four ancestor pedigree – and that’s just my side of the equation. The does in my herd, the other half of the equation, aren’t shabby either. My son Macho Mike is pictured right below me – he was a Grand Champion and should be Ennobled shortly. Several of his kids are showcased in the awards and honor section. Check them out!
The Dude
My Name is “The Dude” and was I bred by Tanner Cude. I’m one of Hill Place Farm’s new herd sires. I arrived via West Texas to Hill Place Farm August of 2009. I am the son of the Playa and have 13 ennobled ancestors in my three-generation pedigree. Not only am I “eye candy,” I am long, heavily muscled, stand square on all four feet, thick fronted, up-headed, level hipped and love people – in short - I have it all. I have no doubt I will do good things for Hill Place Farm.
I, like The Dude, came from the Cude’s. My registered name is TC1 W805, but around Hill Place Farm, I am known as “Hammer.” I may not have the eye appeal of Dude, but as you can see I am no slouch, and remember, you are looking at me in my “working clothes.” Just look at my muscles, my rump, my length, depth, width and how I stand on all four corners – I think I’m pretty awesome and Don and Deb agree. My dad is Rawhide *Ennobled* and my other ennobled ancestors come from the breeding of Ryals and Kohls.
Hill Place Macho Mike
My name is Hill Place Macho Mike and I am the son of Sparky *Ennobled* which means my genetics are about as good as they get. Like my dad, I am long, deep, wide, heavily muscled and structurally correct. I have his gentle disposition as well – in fact, I may even be friendlier than dad – and that is saying something! I expect to follow in dad’s footsteps and become ennobled needing only 17 more points. As a Grand Champion Buck myself I understand the stress when in the show ring, but my kids are hanging tough and winning against very stiff competition. Actually, two of them, Lady Ugasak and Inuit are pictured in the awards and honors section. Check them out they are Awesome!
We four young studs thought we would just like to show you what Hill Place Farm consistency is all about. 1,2,3,4 and yes, it was a large ABGA sanctioned class – not just the four of us, thank you very much!