We are Hill Place Farm’s percentage herd and our kidding stats have been stellar every year. Our kidding rate averages 224% which means mostly twins and triplets. Our kids average 8.85 pounds at birth and grow on average .51 pounds per day. That’s pretty impressive when you consider the long frigid winters in upstate New York. Perhaps, most impressive is the fact that our market kids dress out at an average of 57% when the industry average is 50%. That means more meat per kid and a more profitable bottom line. Our kids start arriving in January. Choose your kids early, put them on "layaway" and pick them up when they are 12-weeks-old.
I am a large, powerful paint percentage doe who has been in Hill Place Farm's show string for many years, and, off show season, I produce awesome kid after awesome kid. Structurally correct, a tight udder, and lots of muscle make me a favorite on the farm. You will find one of my daughters on this page. Check her out!
I may not be a paint like my mother, but I have everything else. I have been a member of the show string for two years and I have never taken less than first in my class - and most shows I win a championship or two. My name is Parfait and my Grandmother is Hor's d Oeuvre a solid red doe who has produced 24 kids over a 10 year period and has produced more winning goats than any other doe on the farm. Furthermore, Grandma is still going strong. I expect I will be just like Grandma.
I’m Thomasina. I won everything my first time in the show ring: my class, my division and overall grand champion percentage doe and that’s against some of the best does around. I’m not just bragging. Look at how clean my front is, and how deep and wide I am – not to mention my butt. You might like to know that my Great Grandmother is Hor's d Oeurve!

Guten Tag. My name is Edelweiss and life is tough when you are only a percentage doe. In below zero degree weather and in the middle of the night I had to birth, clean off and feed these four boys, who had a combined birth weight of 38 pounds. Furthermore, I had to raise the boys without any help and it took a lot to ensure that their combined daily weight gain was 1.82 pounds ... yep, you read it correctly that comes out to a .456 pound weight gain, per boy, per day.

After raising my four boys I got dragged out of the pasture and put in the show ring where I was a 3 time Senior Champion, 3 Time Grand Champion, Best Doe in Show and 1 Reserve Grand Champion. I think at my age and my accomplishments, I should be able to retire, don’t you?

Lady Essence
I’m Lady Essence and I am all grown up as you can see.
When I was a kid I earned 65 ennoblement points in just five shows competing against hundreds of does. Norman Kohls said I had a front to die for, Anton Ward said he wanted to take me home and Preston Faris said I would be an asset to any breeder’s herd, that I was long and thick fronted. I don’t do the shows anymore. My job is to raise kids and I have been raising some great ones. If one more kid wins in the show ring I am Ennobled! I expect this year’s kid will do just that for me. As you can see, I am big boned, heavily muscled, and have a deep body with a great wedge to grow babies.


My name is Cricket. I was a very small kid, but look at me now. I’ve got length, I’m clean from front to rear and I have a gorgeous head – not to mention that nice wedge. No wonder, considering that Pipeline, Pistolero, and that great South African Stud Dr. Pepper are all in my three generation pedigree.


I’m sleek, long and powerful just like my name. I’m Lamborghini. With Mojo Magic, Francis, Lobola, Big 85 and lots of other ennobled folks in my pedigree, how could I go wrong? You won’t see me in the future as I have become a “stay at home mom.” I do, however, expect you will see my kids.