At Hill Place Farm we do not maintain a separate “show string.” Each year we choose those animals from our breeding herd, both fullblood and percentage, that have a few extra “fancy points” and generally show them only once before returning them to the breeding herd. Their primary purpose is producing top quality breeding animals for both fullblood and commercial herds. These goats that have demonstrated, in the eyes of top judges and breeders, those qualities of structural correctness, muscling, size and scale and eye appeal are the sires and dams of what we sell. The animals shown here are just a few of those that are back in our breeding herd.

Hi! My name is Rebecca, and if I say so myself, I am absolutely AWESOME. Only shown one weekend with two sanctioned shows, I won a whopping 75 ennoblement points – which means I won everything there was to win – both days! I competed against 220 does and the competition was stiff. I’m ashamed to say that I gave Colleen, the boss’s daughter a hard time in the show ring – even tried to bite her and the judge – but she held tight and led us to victory despite my wanting to go back home and laze around in the pasture. Baths, grooming and being poked and prodded by the judge isn’t my idea of a great afternoon – however, the ribbons are pretty cool.
Hello! My name is Hill Place Chandalar. When I was three days old the boss predicted that I would be a winner. And boy, was he right! I won everything at the Empire State Boer Goat Show, Day 1 and Day 2 and did the very same thing at the NY State Boer Goat Show two months later. I’m muscular, flashy, structurally correct, level-hipped and smooth. No big surprise that I come from a line of winners that goes right back to my great-great grandmother Hors’ d Oeuvres who is a solid red goat and has produced more winners that any other percentage goat on the farm. You haven’t heard the last from me. By the way, my great-great grandmother is 10 years old, has given us 24 kids and is still going strong!
My name is Hill Place Echooka and I am being handled by Colleen the boss’s daughter. My best friend, the one with Don, is Hill Place Chandalar. We provided a lot of fun for Don and Colleen in the show ring because we kicked butt every time we were shown, and EVERY judge had a very difficult time trying to decide who was better. The judges looked and looked, turned us loose, put one in front and then the other, then had us walk around again and again and again – making Colleen and Don very stressed. But alas, every time they finally put Chandalar in front – making Don ecstatic and Colleen chagrined. And me… always the maid of honor, never the bride. Oh well, maybe next year.
Hill Place Apollo
I know, I know, it is only a Division Reserve Championship, but what can I say? When Preston Faris says “I like this buck” you know you have a good one. Preston predicted that I would be a “wether maker” because of my compact, heavy duty muscling. My muscling is no big surprise I am the son of Hill Place Lady Essence and the grandson of Sparky *Ennobled*. By the way, the very handsome young buck handling me is Don and Deb’s son Patrick. The girls swoon over him like they do me! What a pair we make!
My name is Lady Ugasak and I am the daughter of Hill Place Macho Mike. The lady showing me is the daughter of Don and Deb whose name is Colleen. We are both beautiful, don’t you think? Both of us are long, lean, muscled and extremely well-put together! I am one of the most up-headed, feminine does on the farm and when Colleen takes me in the show ring we stand out head and shoulders above the pack. You’ll see more of us in the future – guaranteed!
A son of Hill Place Macho Mike they call me Hill Place Inuit. I came out of the starting gate and hit the ground running. Four shows, four championships and I am only a yearling. As I continue to grow I look more and more like Grandpa Sparky *Ennobled.* I want to introduce the young man showing me. His name is Michael and he is the great-nephew of Don and Deb. During the summer and on weekends fall winter and spring Michael is on the farm hauling hay, graining, birthing, vaccinating, watering – whatever needs to be done. Don and Deb would have a lot harder time if it weren’t for Michael.